Jon and Monica had been coming to Door County on camping trips for years with family. Jon knew he wanted a marriage proposal that was worthy of his love for Monica in a place they both hold dear. They would be visiting Door County soon on a camping trip and John needed help bringing his vision to life. Cue me and Chris Miller Photography! I was so excited to be able to be apart of something so magical. I had a blast with helping bring John’s dreams into a reality for the both of them to share!

Their story starts with a traditional fish boil dinner at Pelletier’s in Fish Creek on June 5th, 2018. Chris had a friend on the inside who was the main cook for the fish boil. He would sneak in a little friendly knowledge about watching a gorgeous Door County sunset at Ellison Bay Bluff County Park at the end of the fish boil show. We all hoped Monica would take the bait and be up for a little walk in the woods, and she did! As they took a quiet stroll down the trail they came across a string of photos of their lives together. Of course at this point Monica is confused and turns to see candles lighting up a small path. The candles light their way to a small opening in the trees. I now trigger the twinkling fairy lights (a must have because they are a favorite of Monica’s) and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. At this point I’m hiding behind a tree and Chris is off in the bushes hoping she doesn’t see us! Jon pulls her close, gets down on one knee, and gives the most heart warming speech. And then the moment we all had been waiting for…..SHE SAID YES! Chris and I get an ok to show ourselves and SUCCESS, she hadn’t even noticed us! Props to Chris and his cleverly hidden cameras. They popped a bottle of champagne, made it out of the woods for some sunset photos and started the journey as a soon to be married couple!

Check out the video below of their love story by Chris Miller Photography!

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